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Two Different Ways To File Share And How Napster Helped

Business executives often use file share to distribute a document to their employees. This method of file sharing is referred to as a person to person file share. The reason why it is called a person to person file share is because the file must be transferred to more than one person, which is thus excluding the idea of keeping the document for yourself. Another way to file share is through the use of the cloud, which happens to be the most recognized and the most popular way to file share. File sharing through the cloud is referred to as a file cloud sync method of use. This type of method is such a popular choice amongst people because it makes storing files easier than ever before. The documents are guaranteed to be secured through the cloud and the files are all conveniently organized to a persons preferred categorical method. An example of a file share system is the company Napster which was established as a free music download service in the late 1990's.

Napster was a big deal at the time because it was the first time people were introduced to the potential of the internet. Before Napster discovered file sharing, the internet was being used mainly for search any nothing more. The file share era ushered in a brand new way of how people saw the internet, which is still going on today. Now, many file share companies are available all over the world thanks to Napster. Without Napster setting the ground work for a file share company to be successful, the internet may not be as widely used as it is today!